If you love Froyo, then you’ll love The Divider

What we’re all

Wagner Bartosch was formed with the goal of meeting the unrealized needs of the frozen yogurt experience.

Over the previous few years, the self-serve frozen yogurt shop has experienced tremendous growth and popularity. A major contributor to this success is the choice and control that its clientele has to build a unique treat. But choosing too many flavors and toppings can result in an unappetizing combination.


Enter The Divider,

Providing simple separation and enhanced enjoyment. By placing advertising on The Divider, Wagner Bartosch can supply Dividers to yogurt shops for free. This interaction provides the advertiser with access to an extremely high-value audience: pre-teen to early twenties age range, with disposable income, focused on their mix (as well as The Divider).


Wagner Bartosch conceived, developed, and filed for patent protection for The Divider in 2011.

Career Opportunities
Wagner Bartosch is expanding. Please submit your cover letter and resume via email. All information submitted is treated with confidence and discretion.