If you love Froyo, then you’ll love The Divider



Need Dividers

How Does The Divider Work For The Retailer?

The Divider integrates seamlessly with the self-serve frozen yogurt format.


Grab Your Cup

Dividers sit in a small display case that holds a typical day's worth of volume.


Divider cases display informative “Call To Action” and can be branded with your company’s logo.


No Extra Weight

The Divider’s weight is deducted by your POS software through the addition of buttons that will account for Divided cups.

If needed, we can help you set up your software to handle Dividers.



No Added Cost

It’s free for retailers that are a part of the Froyo Network.


Free Dividers with turnkey inventory management and fulfillment.


The Froyo Network

Free Dividers with Turnkey Inventory Management and Fulfillment

If minimizing costs and maximizing convenience matters most to you, then you belong in the Froyo Network.  Ad-supported Dividers allow retailers to focus on their business and give your customers more choice, control, and enjoyment.

Custom Dividers

If your brand is interested in customizing Dividers with your own content, Wagner Bartosch can provide customized Dividers and cases. Please contact us for more information.